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ALAS FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER provides crisis and preventive wrap around interdisciplinary mental health treatment, supportive services, preventive education, assistance and advocacy for individuals at risk, victims of Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence or abuse. ALAS provides direct services based on standards that  impact  participants, community providers, our employees, volunteers and the environment in a positive and responsible manner.,,,


  • CREATIVITY: acting with liberty of thought to find new solutions in the everyday life with innovation and assertiveness. 

  • EQUALITY: encourage the basic concept of human rights, culture, belief, religion, education, and gender without prejudice and assumptions. 

  • EXCELLENCE: search of surpass of the ordinary standards by being prosperous, diligence, discipline, and concentrate in our hard work. 

  • INTEGRITY: employ ethical and moral standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness to ensure the health and safety of our participants, employees, volunteers, community and environment. 

  • LEADERSHIP: use our energy with positivism and effectiveness in our work team and organization and lead a team to achieve our mission with persistence, tenancy, determination and synergistic action skills. 

  • RESPECT: honor the rights and beliefs of our employees, volunteers, participants, collaborative providers, our community and the environment. We work to treat and celebrate each unique background, skills and talents with dignity and equality. 

  • RESPONSIBILITY: assume our personal daily duties with happiness, positivism, and searching to complete with excellence knowing that we are providing services to vulnerable members of our communities and everyone depends on each other. 

  • SOLIDARITY: proactive constant actualization in the search of solutions for the needs and problems of our communities. 

  • TEAMWORK: promote loyalty and true dynamic communication process using our complimentary backgrounds, strengths, skills and talents to work together to impact improvements in our communities and accomplish our mission. 

Our Mission: About Us
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